Waterfront Planning

Recent and ongoing Waterfront Planning clients include:

Randall’s Island Park Alliance

The Randall’s Island Park Alliance and the New York City Department  of Parks and Recreation are designing a “living shoreline” for a 750-foot stretch of debilitated waterfront, along the west side of Randall’s Island.  This shoreline area, including 2.2 acres of upland, seeks to bring together both urban recreation and ecological function in its specially designed treatments of where land meets water. The eventual design will also include consideration of sea level rise, climate change, and economic feasibility, with a focus on public access to the waterfront and to the water.  ONY was asked to conduct a set of stakeholder interviews, and to develop preliminary recommendations for design as well as programmatic recommendations for use of the space.

Cradle to Cradle Islands Initiative

Outside New York was a core member of the “Roosevelt Island: Vital Design” Team.  The project sought to identify and encourage sustainable development initiatives on the island through application of best practices and an international information exchange.  The project was directed by Urban Answers, LLC, with and for the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC).  It was co-funded by an EU grant through the Cradle to Cradle Islands project (“C2CI”) co-organized by the Province of Fryslân in the north part of the Netherlands.  Highlights of the project included a fantastic interdisciplinary team and the development of a Wiki site covering the core C2CI focus areas of materials, water, transportation and energy on the island.

November 2011 visit to Fryslan

For more photos, see the Photo Gallery

For other projects and programs, see Specialty Areas


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