Infrastructure Design

Past and present Infrastructure Design clients include:

Building Better Waterfront Infrastructure

How can we design and build marine infrastructure that fosters the growth of aquatic life?

Outside New York is working with the Urban Assembly Harbor School to design and execute a demonstrtion project as a collaborative project involving high school students, teachers, and international marine scientists. A set of tiles formed from special matrices of concrete tested in the Red & Mediterranean Seas was recently installed near the school’s oyster dock on Governors Island.
The project is designed to offer students valuable marine research experience; determine whether this approach should be a fundamental part of the design for the Schools’ proposed Boat Basin; create more public awareness of the need and scientific understanding about more thoughtful designs in our in-water infrastructure; and ultimately help inform the plans of public agencies & private entities who are constantly building or rebuilding waterfront infrastructure all across the Harbor.

Funding for the project has been provided by the Hudson River Improvement Fund and by the New York State Department of State with funds provided under Title 11 of the Environmental Protection Fund.



UANYHS Oyster Dock

The New York Harbor Oyster Dock represents the first floating structure in New York Harbor that is designed to support both water-based programs AND enhance the vitality of the water.  This 1,500 square foot structure is composed of steel pipe pontoons with a wooden deck on top.  Approximately 1/3 of the deck space consists of aluminum grating to allow the light to pass through the structure.  Beneath one of the grated sections is a Floating Upwelling System (aka “FLUPSY”) which the Harbor School uses to grow out oysters which they use in their environmental restoration work.  The two other grated sections are used by the school to accommodate nets and baskets in which oysters are growing out to a larger, healthier size before they are relocated elsewhere around the Harbor as part of the Oyster Restoration Research Project led by New York New Jersey Baykeeper.

As part of this Task Outside New York helped develop the fundraising strategy; organize and oversee the design process, beginning with interdisciplinary design charette through to installation at Governors Island, including necessary permits and permissions; manage construction of the dock including coordination of Project Team including UANYHS Staff, partner/ host organizations, outside experts, agency representatives, and many other service providers, including naval architects, welders, electricians, carpenter, riggers, and others.

The dock was built in 3 months in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and installed at Governors Island in August 2009, just in time for the NY400 celebration.

Before/Winter 2009  







After/Summer 2009









Ver Nautica Ferry Lab

Ver Nautica is developing the Ferry Lab as a maritime “moving destination”, a waterborne educational, exhibit and events center for New York’s “Sixth Borough” – the waterways of NYC. It will be a place for the community that is both self-contained and self-propelled.  The Ferry Lab is a former Shelter Island ferryboat.  It will come back to life as a USCG certified vessel, and adapted to accommodate a variety of events and programs.  Accessible to the public, school groups, and collaborating organizations, these exhibitions, literally embedded in the harbor by their location on the Ferry Lab, will create a unique learning environment that land-based venues do not offer.  ONY is part of the core planning and programming team for this project.

“Living Shoreline”  Project

The New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), in a public‑private partnership with the Randall’s Island Park Alliance (RIPA), is creating 2.2 new acres of parkland on Randalls Island in the East River.  The Living Shoreline will replace more than 550 LF of crumbling seawall with modified waterfront stabilizing infrastructure that will allow non‑motorized small boat access and foster marine habitat, improving ecological function and water quality.  Part of ONY’s responsibilities on this project include design guidance for the new infrastructure so as to accommodate the public and natural uses of the area.

Real New Energy

Real New Energy hired Outside New York, LLC to identify potential sites for renewable energy pilot projects in the New York area.  The product of this effort is proprietary, but suffice to say there are many, many attractive sites!


For more photos, see the Photo Gallery

For more projects and programs, see Specialty Areas


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