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Outside New York is working with Waterkeeper Alliance to create a new  education and training program. This effort is being designed to support the nearly 300 Waterkeepers at work around the world, and to help build the base of supporters in the new Waterkeeper Affiliates program launched in 2014. Items in this scope include:  design and draft program descriptions, schedules and budgets; cultivate and collaborate with new potential partners; identify, articulate, and track key team roles to help work toward a Winter 2014-2015 program launch.

On-Water and Waterfront Education

Outside New York developed and managed the on-water program for the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School’s first two summers on Governors Island in 2009 and 2010.  As part of this task, we consulted with UANYHS staff on content, staffing and scheduling for an inaugural “Small Boating Class”; engaged and enlisted 11 different harbor-based agencies, companies and non-profits to help deliver programs to the school’s students; and in tandem with the Trust for Governors Island, developed and supervised water safety protocols to keep the nearly 200 students, staff and volunteers safe at and on the water.

Vessels used in delivering this program included kayaks, rowboats, sailboats, motorboats, ferryboats, police boats, tugboats and even a tall ship.  Programs took place at Oyster Cove on Governors Island, in Buttermilk Channel, the East River, the Hudson River, and on Upper New York Bay.  Part of Outside New York’s responsibilities with this task was to develop and teach a Basic Waterfront and Water Safety Class, which offered big picture safety issues and protocols, but also addressed the demands and needs of this particular corner of the harbor.

Creating a Partnership Continuum:  Governors Island National Monument

The National Park Service (NPS) on Governors Island is investigating ways to create a partnership with the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School (UANYHS) to strengthen the community and identity of Governors Island and mutually support the shared missions of the two organizations.  In this phase of work a series of stakeholder interviews are being conducted in order to understand current experiences and to develop strategies for the future.  From these discussions Outside New York is developing recommendations that can help improve the allocation of resources, strengthen partnerships between NPS and UANYHS, and expand the positive impact that each organization brings to the island and it’s more than 440,000 visitors each year.

Garden as Classroom

Education can have an even greater impact when it happens outside the traditional classroom.  By using the garden as the educational environment, children and adults can better understand the relationship between humans and nature, and appreciate more of what is outside New York, right beneath their feet or between their fingertips.  Outside New York has initiated two gardening projects. In 2010, we helped start the Harbor School’s new garden on Governors Island in partnership with students from the Sustainable New York City class at Fordham University.  In 2011, we helped the City of Hoboken develop an “Adopt-a-Garden” program behind City Hall which allows local schools to use a small plot of public land as a garden.

Learning to Compost

compost with kids hanging aroundThe Community Church of Hoboken was part Hobokens’ first ever green buildings walking tour, held in April 2013.  The tour made stops at local establishments that incorporated sustainable practices, materials or methods in their operations.  The Community Church showed an on-site “Demo” composting operation, as part of their  composting program, which members use to reduce waste.  The Community Church also provides educational programs for area schools which integrate gardening and composting.  These two programs link waste products and new growth through thoughtful reuse of resources.

For more pictures of the event, see the Photo Gallery.

For more on gardening, click here

Harbor Education Subcommittee of the Harbor Operations Committee

The mission of the Harbor Education Subcommittee is “to develop a safer and more compatible interaction of recreation and commerce within a mixed use Harbor.”

The Harbor Education Subcommittee has been identifying areas risk for conflict between recreational and commercial traffic over the last 18 months.   Representatives of the Sandy Hook Pilots, Tug & Barge, and Passenger Vessel Subcommittees as well as more than a dozen kayak clubs and community boathouses have been identifying areas where the risk of collision exists and articulating strategies for reducing these risks.  The group is now developing strategies and priority projects to reduce this level of risk.  These recommendations will then be presented to the full Harbor Operations Committee of the Port of New York & New Jersey in Fall June 2011.

Adjunct Teaching – University and Graduate School level

Carter Craft, managing member of Outside New York, currently serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Pratt Institute and Fordham University.  At Pratt, Carter teaches the short course in Waterfront and Wetlands Planning each summer.  At Fordham, Carter co-teaches the “Sustainable New York City” seminar.  All of these classes pair class-based education with site visits, tours and field work.

For more photos, see the Photo Gallery

For more projects and programs, see Specialty Areas


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