Business Development

The harbor is a fascinating and complex environment. The layers of jurisdiction, however, can make it a daunting place to do business. Outside New York offers a wide array of expertise that can help your business to connect, grow and succeed in the marketplace of New York Harbor and City. Our approach-developed and refined over 15 years in this community-relies on three principles:
  • Seed your project: get in on the ground with key local stakeholders and agencies;
  • Broaden your impact: find easy ways for more people to learn about what you are trying to do;
  • Grow your partnerships: build relationships so that when you come back for another project you will not need our help!
Recent clients include:


Go Dutch Consortium

GoDutchConsortium_logoGo Dutch Consortium asked Outside New York to help with business development in the New York-New Jersey Metro area. GoDutch is a multidisciplinary partnership of Dutch companies working in the global village that offer a range of community development services.  GoDutch integrates the physical, social and economical realms, in close cooperation with committed local stakeholders. For GoDutch, the question isn’t simply “what will the buildings look like?” or “Should it be high rise or low density?” But rather, “what is the essence of this place? who is it for? what needs and special needs might they have?” From the GoDutch perspective, the transient movement of people from place to place over their lifetime can unravel the social fabric of a community just as quickly as it is being created. Are these moves part of human nature or rather necessity? For instance, often times housing development in the New York area means a single project with hundreds of units designed for the same types of residents. While this may be financially successful as real estate development, it is not community development. As that population grows they often find the services and amenities they need are not available in their neighborhood. They must move, and in the process uproot themselves from the relationships that helped to sustain them so far in life.

With specialists ranging from sociologists to architects and urban designers, the GoDutch consortium offers high level expertise based on their development experience in the Netherlands and increasingly in the United States.

ONY supports the GoDutch consortium by functioning as their local liaison, offering on the ground support and local presence, research data, promotion and introduction of GO DUTCH Consortium members during their regular business meetings and visits to New York City.

For more information about Go Dutch, click to see their magazine and website.


Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina
BBP Pier 5 Marina Drawing (3)In Fall 2013, Outside New York was asked to help formulate a response to the Request for Proposals for development of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina.  Working with a range of partners in the community, in Brooklyn and New York City, and outside the region, we developed the winning proposal.  In December 2013, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Board of Directors awarded a 30 year concession agreement to our team, members including Edgewater Resources.  The scope of services ranged from community outreach to branding and communications.  Specific tasks in our agreement include:
  •   Analysis of Competitors
  •   Define Critical Team Roles and Recruit Partners
  •   Overall Project Strategy: Vision, Plan, Design, Construction, O&M
  •   Community Relations
  •   ID and Engage Interim and Long Term Programming Partners
  •   Provide Guidance or Marine Best Practices

Marine Design Dynamics

 For this electrical engineering and naval architecture firm, Outside New York helped to make new business relationships in the Port of New York and New Jersey.  A list of top tier clients was identified in the early stage of the collaboration, leading to a work contract with one of these high-profile operators early in the second stage of work together.  Project complete 2012.  References available upon request.

Real New Energy

For this renewable energy technology company, Outside New York identified potential sites and partners for renewable energy pilot projects including wind, solar and tidal energy.  One of these pilots is now being negotiated with others still in discussion.  Through this collaboration, Real New Energy established themselves in the New York marketplace as a knowledge base and their presence in the U.S. has grown significantly.


Anable Basin Sailing
 For this waterfront destination in Long Island City, Outside New York helped to develop advance additional phases of growth for their land-side and on-water activities.   This scope involved government and community relations, leasing of public parcels, permitting, and public relations work.


Red Bull Air Race

imgp1682This international event required a wide range of local, state and federal permissions. In this highly complex marine event (click here for more), Outside New York secured contracts with five different marine vendors to assist with installation, operations and breakdown of this 30,000 spectator event which was broadcast on live television.  Vessels such as cranes, tugs and barges were needed for equipment moves.  Pilot and vessel charter services were hired for rescue dive teams and safety zone enforcement.  If or when this event returns to New York Harbor the production team now has a valuable template for their next event.

For other projects and programs, see Specialty Areas

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