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5 Responses to Contact

  1. Carl Persak says:


    It’s been a while, and hope you are well. Just saw a post of yours on the North Brooklyn Boat Club’s website.

    We’re still kicking here in Brooklyn – our naval architecture firm continues to move forward, and our little nonprofit Brooklyn Boatworks is in it’s 6th year.

    It would be great to catch up with you.


  2. Cy A Adler says:

    Hi Carter

    Pleasantly surprised to meet you in Socrates Park and at Noguchi.

    What is your major activity these days?

    I had a great suggestion for the waterfront group.

    Norton is bringing out a revised edition of WALKING THE HUDSON BATT TO BEAR. Would you like copy?
    Would appreciate your suggestions for publicizing the book.


    PS.Add t and the great saunter to your sites of interest

  3. Hello, Carter!

    Would you consider adding a link to PortSide NewYork in On and In the Water!



  4. Outside New York says:

    Hey Carolina – you are there! And I’ve even add a shot of your bow in one of our headers!

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