Congratulations Urban Assembly New York Harbor School!

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Services provided by Outside New York to help develop this project:

• Grantwriting and fundraising efforts yielding over $4M in capital and operating funds

• Long range planning to secure the Lease of the space and potential future phases of growth

• Organize and oversee initial phase of on-water student programs at Governors Island

• Project Management to bridge program needs of the school with physical requirements of a NYC Department of Education Lab space

• Bring together school staff and project designers to ensure the building can function as a center for the Harbor School’s Aquaculture, SCUBA, Vessel Operations and Boat Maintenance programs


Shuttle ENTERPRISE Headed 

up the Hudson!

shuttle enterprise










From Trucks to Tugs: Short Sea Shipping

May 30, 2011

“A new computer. Summer clothes. A better desk chair. Your cup of coffee. Tonight’s dinner. How all that stuff gets from factory to front door is largely a mystery to most people – unless you happen to be stuck behind a truck on your way home.”…

Check out the full article at the Architectural League of New York’s blog Urban Omnibus.

Break Through the Surface, Here’s How.

May 26, 2011

“Think about any new waterfront development you’ve seen recently. There was probably a lot of glass, carefully selected to accentuate the reflections off the water or catch the color of the sky. An interesting light fixture, reminding you that modern aesthetics almost always change – or at least our tastes do. Nearest the water’s edge there was a railing, finished in brushed metal and likely topped by a dense hardwood not native to North America. It may even have won some award, but its relationship to the water is probably nothing more than a visual connection. That’s not just unfortunate, it’s wrong.” …

Read more from this article in Pratt Institute’s Spring Newsletter MultipliCITY.

 A Deep Pool of Talent: What Will “Rising Currents” Yield?

May 26, 2010

The creative upwelling that you will soon be able to see at MoMA is one of those unique points of public focus that come along only every decade or so. With a name like “Rising Currents” it’s easy to ask if anything will actually float up to the top. Or will all the ideas take in water and lie in suspension until its just too late? Already the blogosphere and comment boards such as the one over at New York Magazine‘s website are filling up with decriers: “Don’t people know that global warming has been debunked?” That our “methane is worse than our CO2?” ….

Read more at the Architectural League of New York’s blog Urban Omnibus.

Photo: Courtesy of MoMa

 Tidal Energy in the East River?

February 14, 2009

There’s a new blog started by the Architectural League of New York. It’s called “Urban Omnibus.” This week I published a short piece there about tidal energy being developed in the East River off the east side of Manhattan.

The East River isn’t just called the East River because it’s on the East Side. It was called the East River way back when the Hudson was known as the “North” River, and what we now know as the Delaware was called the “South” River. The East River is actually a tidal strait connecting the New York Harbor with Long Island Sound. It was and still is the fastest route to the east, along the coast of New England and for sailing to and from New Haven, Providence, and Boston. Historically, vessels have taken the risk of navigating through through Hell Gate – a stretch of the East River between Wards Island, Randalls Island, and northwest Queens – because this route could save time sailing anywhere between New York and New London. From New London to points east, the ocean route along the south shore of Long Island is faster. Back in the day, the East River route would also save up to a day in transit time to Europe.

Beginning in the 1850s, what we now call the US Army Corps of Engineers took on a project to clear out the rocks and reefs in Hell Gate. At that time, this was the largest public works project to improve navigation that had ever been taken on in the US. The Army Corps is still at it, not at Hell Gate, but many, many, many other places!

A few weeks ago a friend published a piece on Gotham Gazette suggesting that the East River be renamed the “Gotham Strait.”

 We Should Expect the BEST of the Federal Stimulus Package?

January 25, 2009

Wondering what the federal “Stimulus” package really means for the U.S.? With the landmark Inaugural week behind us now it’s time for the President and the new Congress to get to work. Check out my article in featured in Gotham Gazette’s Issue of the Week: Infrastructure Investments that make Sense.


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