Welcome to the blog and online site of Outside New YorkTM.

Outside New York is a project management firm offering a broad range of services including visioning and planning, community outreach, government relations, communications, and fundraising. We are problem solvers and innovators. We understand the project lifecyle, from initial concept through operations and maintenance. With clients ranging from small companies to non-profits to educational institutions, Outside New York (ONY) brings deep understanding of a wide range of environmental, business, and organizational development issues.  Our diverse base of experience has enabled us to develop constructive working relationships with many public and private waterfront stakeholders and decision-makers. Together we get it done.


For more information on current and recent projects, check out

Business Development      Waterfront Planning      Project Management

Education     Infrastructure Design     Marine Events     Public Programs 


We started this site in 2009, based on the growing awareness that one of the greatest challenges for modern society is getting people outside, where the unpredictable forces of nature help to keep us all on our collective toes. Too often we all retreat into the comforts of our own spaces.  There we forget our society’s interdependence and, ultimately, dependence on outside forces.

To better understand and succeed in our world we need to get more people outside: outside of their comfort zones, outside of the confines of artificial spaces, and outside in the elements where we can better understand the forces that influence our lives. The earth, wind, water and sky are fundamental elements of our existence that too many of us have lost touch with. When you are outside in New York, and especially outside of New York, you can really feel the connection between yourself and the wide, wide, world around you. Welcome to Outside New York!

The Gates, Central Park

The Gates, Central Park.  ONY Principal Carter Craft was fortunate to work on this project with a team from all over the U.S. and the world.


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