Carter Craft

Carter Craft is an urban planner with close to twenty years of experience specializing in waterfront and transportation issues. Through his planning and project management firm, Outside New York, Carter has served as a consultant to a wide range of public and private organizations.  As an outdoor enthusiast he brings a deep understanding of the complex issues inherent in planning within the ecological and political systems entangled in the waterways of the northeast. His constructive working relationships with many waterfront stakeholders and decision-makers help to develop potential solutions that are both practical and progressive. Over the last fifteen years Carter has been involved in creating and growing more than two dozen water-related non-profit organizations.  Almost every one has benefited from innovative waterfront designs and programs and, often, a high degree of public participation.

In 2013 Carter worked part time for the New York Harbor Foundation as Director of Long Range Planning.  In this role he led the effort to secure funding, coordinate design, and renovate the New York Harbor School’s new Marine Science and Technology Center on Governors Island.  He also was the chief strategist behind the School’s successful effort to secure an additional building on the island including $25 million in Capital funds for its renovation.

In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, Carter also supported the school by compiling the Damages Inventory for the school’s three waterfront facilities and submitting the documents to New York State for handling of the claim. At the same time, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in New York sought out his expertise to generate an objective assessment of the impacts to people and property.  Over the course of the spring Outside New York provided recommendations for where Dutch know-how might be utilized in developing rebuilding strategies for coastal, urban and other aquatic environments in New Jersey, New York State, and New York City. As a part of this undertaking, ONY developed a set of communications tools including a report, maps, presentations, fact sheets, a SWOT analysis, and an analysis of federal funding channels. These findings were presented in New York and The Hague, the Netherlands. The long-term goal for this project is to help create sustainable frameworks for future collaboration between multiple stakeholders from academic, business, community and government groups in the Netherlands and in Greater New York.

Carter has been active in making people rethink their relationship to the waterways of New York and New Jersey through more active use and interaction. In 2001 he helped to create the “Harbor Loop” ferry plan, a forerunner to today’s highly successful East River Ferry service. As an organizer of the inaugural “Blue Links Tour” of the Hudson River, he led participants on a multi-day and night voyage aboard the retired fireboat and educational vessel JOHN J HARVEY to 7 different cities and towns between NYC and Troy, NY. In 1999 he conceived of the “Hudson-Harbor Greenway Plan,” and led the effort to have the route designed at a National Millennium trial that traces the perimeter of the Hudson River Walkways and Greenways in NY and NJ, and ringing the Harbor via the Verrazano Bridge.

Additionally, Carter has been extensively involved in a number of programs educating the public in planning for, and using, the waterfront. He has been director of Long Range Planning and Development for the New York Harbor Foundation since 2011, helping to organize and develop the school’s highly successful program located on Governors Island in New York Harbor. He created the Waterfront and Wetlands Planning mini-course for the School of Architecture at Pratt Institute (now in its fifth year), as well as leading courses at Fordham University.

In all of these roles, Carter has led and produced a number of innovative projects, including:

  • first use of biodiesel fuel in an Historic Ship in NYC
  • first large scale use of recycled plastic lumber for floating dock construction (which included development of ASTM guidelines for construction)
  • first multipurpose “living bulkhead” design development in NYC
  • first “Eco-dock” construction, which includes a floating upwelling system to foster growth of shellfish
  • first oyster hatchery developed in NY Harbor in almost 100 years
  • first green building on Governors Island
  • first group swim event around the Statue of Liberty and first City of Water Day festival
  • first experiment with ecological concrete to help foster growth of marine life in the Hudson River Estuary

Mr. Craft graduated from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Service with a Masters of Urban Planning in 1998, and from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1993 with a B.A. in Economics. He is a USCG licensed Captain (50 ton), and a founder or co-founder of a number of waterfront organizations ranging from the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club to the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, and a tour guide for organizations including South Street Seaport and the Municipal Art Society of New York.

References available upon request.  Find Carter on Linkedin or Facebook.

For other projects and programs, see Specialty Areas.


4 Responses to Carter Craft

  1. Hi Carter,
    Nice to find your website (through Linked In) and to read about your ongoing efforts to bring people to the water! I’d like to connect with you through Linked In, and will send you an invitation. You may want to check out my blog, Rivertown Kids for the Environment. As a parent now (and an environmentalist always), my passion is connecting families and children with nature.
    All the best,
    Denise Woodin

  2. Helene leskin says:

    Carter I am a resident of Rockaway. I would like to connect with in regard to moving forward with rebuilding the waterfronts on the ocean and on the bay.
    Helene Leskin

    • cartercraft says:

      hi Helene – thx for reaching out. Happy to be a resource. I have a few good friends who were all on the panel this weekend organized by Rockaway Waterfront Alliance (including Jeanne). Unfort I couldn’t make it! Feel free to email me again, or if you know Jeanne ask her what she suggests?!? Perhaps I can come over for a visit sometime or else we can talk on the phone in the meantime.
      Carter Craft

  3. Stuart Pertz says:

    Didn’t have your email so this seems the next best.
    I wanted to tell you about a step forward in our quest for a ferry route from the Battery to Coney Island Creek: a fundraising “Trial Run” of the ferry on June 10th at 6PM from Pier 11.
    Do come! Send friends. (Send Money, Ha!)
    But if it can make it onto your website, every bit of publicity helps the cause.
    Click on this link to register:

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