Resilient Building Design Workshop This Week!

Carter at lecternOf all natural disasters, catastrophic storms such as hurricanes are among the most damaging and costly in built environments. In an era of increasing uncertainty, the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center offers a number of courses to help raise the base level of knowledge in our society on how to design and build more carefully in areas prone to flooding, storm surge, and sea level rise.

At New York City’s Center for Architecture, Outside New York Principal Carter Craft will be co-teaching a two-day course on March 21 and 22. This week’s workshop discusses existing regulations and potential new standards for development and community planning in hurricane-prone areas.

Course topics include an introduction to hurricane science and history; design strategies for hurricane hazards of wind, water and debris damage; current and potential zoning and building codes designed to help address hurricane forces; case studies drawn from post-hurricane sites; a prototype plan and design of a hurricane resistant school and community shelter facility.

Each day’s program will conclude with an innovative hands-on planning and design project for a site of a potential new community facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

+1 sandy 4As with many courses offered by NDPTC, there is a large community of people to whom this subject matter isn’t just of interest-it’s important! Emergency managers, engineers, architects, planners, planning and zoning officials, building inspectors, contractors and other professionals working in urban areas all play important roles. Together we can help to ensure the next general of coastal development is more resilient and sustainable than the last. Together in the course setting these diverse perspectives also help to enrich the learning experience for everyone.

Courses such as this also help to satisfy Continuing Education requirements for many professional associations. For more information on HURRIPLAN or other courses please visit NDPTC’s website.


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