Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina


BBP PIer 5 Marina Drawing (3)In Fall 2013, Outside New York was asked to help formulate a response to the Request for Proposals for development of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina. Working with a range of partners in the community, in Brooklyn and outside the region, we developed the winning proposal. In December 2013, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Board of Directors awarded a 30-year concession agreement to our team, led by Edgewater Resources. The scope of services ranged from community outreach to branding and communications. Specific tasks include:

  • Analyze Market and Competitors
  • Define Critical Team Roles and Recruit Partners
  • Formulate Overall Project Strategy: Vision, Plan, Design, Construction, O&M
  • Initiate Community Relations
  • ID and Engage Potential Interim and Long Term Programming Partners
  • Provide Guidance on Marine Best Practices

2 Responses to Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina

  1. Hannah says:

    It looks fantastic. All it needs is a pool.

  2. Steve Chironis says:

    Great news! Maybe one day Roosevelt Island will come to its senses and get serious about a ferry!

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