Rebuild By Design public hearings update!

January 7, 2015

Rebuild By Design, an initiative of the President’s Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force, has released dates for upcoming public hearings for the BIG U (Manhattan) and Hunts Point Lifelines (The Bronx) Projects.

Let your voice be heard!  Voice your comments on the BIG U and Hunts Point Lifelines projects to ensure that your community’s vision for resilience becomes a reality.


January 6, 7:00 pm

SIUH North Campus, Regina McGinn Education and Conference Center

475 Seaview Avenue, Staten Island


January 7, 7:00 pm

Beach Channel High School Auditorium

1000 Beach Channel Drive, Rockaway Park


January 8, 7:00 pm

Coney Island Hospital Auditorium

2601 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn


January 13, 7:00 pm

Hunts Point Recreation Center Gymnasium

765 Manida Street, Bronx


January 15, 7:00 pm

Education Alliance, Manny Cantor Center 6th Floor

197 East Broadway, Manhattan




For more information on the public hearings, click here.

For more on the projects and Rebuild By Design, click here.


Harbor School Project Wins 2014 Waterfront Center Award!

December 11, 2014

oyster dock at harbor school


M.A.S.T. Center Wins Best Overall New Project in International Competition

“The Excellence on the Waterfront Awards Program was initiated in 1987 with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts Design Arts Program and the National Marine Manufacturers Association. The honor awards were developed to recognize top quality design and development work. Entries are accepted from around the world for comprehensive plans, built projects and student work.”

– The Waterfront Center

Services provided by Outside New York to help develop this project:

– Project Management to bridge the needs of the school with requirements for a NYC Department of Education space;
– Fundraising and grant-writing yielding over $4M;
-Long Range planning to secure the Lease of the space and potential future phases of growth;
– Facilitate input of school staff and project designers to ensure the building can function as a center for the Harbor School’s Aquaculture, SCUBA, Vessel Operations and Boat Maintenance programs;
– Organize and oversee initial phase of on-water student programs at Governors Island.

Visit the Waterfront Center here to see the Awards slide show

Outside New York Supports the Go Dutch Consortium

September 12, 2014

GoDutchConsortium_logoGo Dutch Consortium has asked Outside New York to help with business development in the New York area. GoDutch is a multidisciplinary partnership of Dutch companies that integrates the physical, social and economical realms, in close cooperation with committed local stakeholders. For GoDutch, the question isn’t simply “what will the buildings look like?” or “Should it be high rise or low density?” But rather, “what is the essence of this place? who is it for? what needs and special needs might they have?”

july highlights 3From the GoDutch perspective, the transient movement of people from place to place over their lifetime can unravel the social fabric of a community just as quickly as it is being created. Are these moves part of human nature or rather necessity? For instance, often times housing development in the New York area means a single project with hundreds of units designed for the same types of residents. While this may be financially successful as real estate development, it is not community development. As that population grows they often find the services and amenities they need are not available in their neighborhood. They must move, and in the process uproot themselves from the relationships that helped to sustain them so far in life.

To learn about how ONY supports the GoDutch consortium please read more in our Business Development section here.

Another Heart for Red Hook?

March 28, 2014

Design Workshop Generates New Ideas for Community Safe Room

What’s the best place to build a Community Safe Room to serve a coastal community? What is the process in which all the necessary stakeholders can become engaged to Red Hook Flood Areaensure it succeeds as a productive, community-centered facility? At last week’s Resilient Building Design Workshop hosted by the Center for Architecture, more than 40 engineers, planners, architects and activists took the opportunity to try and address these questions.

The site was selected by course instructors Carter Craft and Deborah Gans. Over the course of two afternoons, design teams created five potential site plans and five different building configurations and layouts. The parameters are set by FEMA and the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, which administers the course known as “HURRIPLAN.”  The practical exercise in the course is to design a Community Safe Room that can accommodate 500 occupants, has necessary restrooms, food preparation and storage space, as well as back-up power for up to seven days. To endure the weather event, the structure must be able to withstand 200-225 mph winds (measured over a 3- second gust) as well as a horizontal projectile or missile up to 9 pounds travelling at 128 miles per hour. A population spanning every level of physical ability and age group is to be expected.

hands around the tableThe site discussed during the exercise was the area around and including Red Hook’s Miccio Center, located on 9th Street in Red Hook in the shadow of the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. The area is at the northeast corner of the NYC Housing Authority. The teams developed site plans that ranged from infill construction (see image) to an iconic building design.  The exercise asked teams to include a primary building function in addition to the Safe Room use.  Teams responded with ideas including indoor farms, school gymnasium, and dance studio. Every team reinforced the reality that whatever dual purpose any such building should aim to achieve, local residents need to have a voice in the process.

Looking ahead, Red Hook seems to be a very suitable location for such an advanced, multi-use facility. maps on the boardMuch of the community was submerged under Sandy’s flood waters. Nearby organizations such as the New York Harbor School on Governors Island are seeking to help jump-start middle schools in each borough.  A relatively high proportion of young people reside in the area. Thus a new heart for Red Hook could be designed to provide important day-to-day educational services for young people and built to withstand large scale weather events that continue to pose great risk to coastal communities.

Resilient Building Design Workshop This Week!

March 19, 2014

Carter at lecternOf all natural disasters, catastrophic storms such as hurricanes are among the most damaging and costly in built environments. In an era of increasing uncertainty, the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center offers a number of courses to help raise the base level of knowledge in our society on how to design and build more carefully in areas prone to flooding, storm surge, and sea level rise.

At New York City’s Center for Architecture, Outside New York Principal Carter Craft will be co-teaching a two-day course on March 21 and 22. This week’s workshop discusses existing regulations and potential new standards for development and community planning in hurricane-prone areas.

Course topics include an introduction to hurricane science and history; design strategies for hurricane hazards of wind, water and debris damage; current and potential zoning and building codes designed to help address hurricane forces; case studies drawn from post-hurricane sites; a prototype plan and design of a hurricane resistant school and community shelter facility.

Each day’s program will conclude with an innovative hands-on planning and design project for a site of a potential new community facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

+1 sandy 4As with many courses offered by NDPTC, there is a large community of people to whom this subject matter isn’t just of interest-it’s important! Emergency managers, engineers, architects, planners, planning and zoning officials, building inspectors, contractors and other professionals working in urban areas all play important roles. Together we can help to ensure the next general of coastal development is more resilient and sustainable than the last. Together in the course setting these diverse perspectives also help to enrich the learning experience for everyone.

Courses such as this also help to satisfy Continuing Education requirements for many professional associations. For more information on HURRIPLAN or other courses please visit NDPTC’s website.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina

February 27, 2014


BBP PIer 5 Marina Drawing (3)In Fall 2013, Outside New York was asked to help formulate a response to the Request for Proposals for development of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Marina. Working with a range of partners in the community, in Brooklyn and outside the region, we developed the winning proposal. In December 2013, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Board of Directors awarded a 30-year concession agreement to our team, led by Edgewater Resources. The scope of services ranged from community outreach to branding and communications. Specific tasks include:

  • Analyze Market and Competitors
  • Define Critical Team Roles and Recruit Partners
  • Formulate Overall Project Strategy: Vision, Plan, Design, Construction, O&M
  • Initiate Community Relations
  • ID and Engage Potential Interim and Long Term Programming Partners
  • Provide Guidance on Marine Best Practices

New York Harbor School Eco-Dock

January 14, 2014

New York Harbor School Eco-Dock

Services provided by Outside New York to produce this project:

  • Draft and disseminate Requests for Bids
  • Contract with vendors for tug/towing, drydock, metal work, naval architecture and other services;
  • Draft and submit City, State and Federal Permit Applications;
  • Provide all other services as needed to ensure quality product delivered on time.


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